As part of the loan application process, the licensed mortgage broker receives the following information from applicants:

a. Valid identification documents in the form of a passport, driver’s license, or ID card from Texas. In Texas, a driver’s license or ID card is an official government ID, similar to a German ID card.
b. Proof of the monthly income of the borrower. This can be demonstrated by various methods, including:

  1. Copies of the borrower’s federal income tax return; or
  2. Copies of the last paychecks of borrowers; or
  3. Copies of borrowers’ most recent bank statements showing the deposit of their paychecks or other sources of income; or
  4. Copies of the borrower’s Form W-2, which is an official annual income statement mailed by employers to their employees in January each year for use in preparing employees’ annual federal income tax returns; or
  5. If the borrowers are paid cash, a letter from their employer stating the amount of their income.

All documents are checked and, if the decision is positive, a loan approval is given.

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