The Auxilium Invest management team offers over 50 years of real estate investment and residential lending experience in the DFW area. Over the past 20 years, management team members have completed over $2 billion in real estate sales, acquisitions and residential loan originations.

Why private residential mortgage loans?

Scott Harvel, his daughter Alexandra Harvel, and Stephan Akin have focused on the private residential real estate lending market since 2012. They recognized that Hispanics, among others, had a tremendous demand for home purchase loans, but that banks and other financial institutions were unable to meet it because of their restrictive approach to borrowers without citizenship or with little credit history. To meet the demand for private loans, Scott Harvel and Stephan Akin created a loan portfolio focused on immigrant families living in the DFW region. Borrowers in this private portfolio pay an average interest rate of 9.00% per annum for a loan term of 30 years, which is the typical term in the United States.

Home ownership – a secure investment

Owning a home is a matter of personal pride for Americans and especially for immigrants. In addition, the home is the most valuable asset for the family and a good provision for retirement. There have also been no loan defaults in the 350-property portfolio since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Our core team

Alexander Knopf

  • Entrepreneur active in the capital market since 1994 with various management positions in the real estate industry
  • Managing partner of Alcendo Berlin GmbH
  • Since 2016 successfully active in the mortgage loan market as CEO of Aland Management Corporation in Dallas (Texas)
  • Degree in financial planning from the European Business School
  • Responsibilities at the issuer: fund management, finance and accounting matters, investor relations and reporting

Scott Harvel

  • Experienced attorney in the state of Texas specializing in corporate finance and real estate transactions
  • Successfully built a portfolio of rental properties and private residential mortgage loans in the DFW area over the past two decades
  • Juris Doctorate degree from the University of New Mexico
  • Responsibilities at the issuer: overall oversight and management of the residential mortgage loan program, management of third party bank lines of credit and mortgage servicing, and financial and fiscal reporting

Stephan J. Akin

  • 23 years of residential mortgage financing experience in the DFW area with over $20 billion in volume.
  • Licensed mortgage broker with the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending.
  • Responsibilities with the issuer: receiving all loan applications from borrowers and evaluating the creditworthiness of all borrowers and for overseeing the closing of all mortgage loans

Alexandra Harvel

  • Responsible for real estate acquisitions, new mortgage loans, loan servicing, reporting, financial accounting and managing bank lines of credit for the family portfolio since 2013
  • Bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University
  • Issuer responsibilities: originating new mortgage loans, overseeing the servicing of the loan portfolio, and managing lines of credit with third party banks

Jesus Negrete

  • Mexican national who has lived and worked in the DFW area for 16 years
  • More than 13 years of experience in all aspects of home construction, repair and remodeling
  • Responsibilities with the issuer: inspection and oversight of properties available for purchase

Sergio Medina

  • Mexican citizen, trained tax consultant with Mexican license with over 12 years of experience in financial accounting.
  • Responsibilities at the issuer: overseeing the posting and collection of loan payments, financial accounting matters, and reporting to borrowers

Marlody Soto

  • Mexican citizen, trained tax consultant with Mexican license with over 12 years of experience in financial accounting.
  • Duties at the issuer: Overseeing the posting and collection of loan payments, financial accounting matters and reporting to borrowers.

Eugenia Martinez

  • Licensed real estate broker in Texas for 14 years
  • Specializing in representing Hispanic buyers and sellers of residential real estate in the DFW area
  • Responsibilities with the issuer: real estate and mortgage borrower acquisitions

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