You want an independent asset investment that puts your interests first. With the greatest possible security, you want to achieve the best possible return.


  • Investment concept with 15 years of experience in the American market
  • Standardized selection of profitable properties
  • Accompaniment of bank negotiations for borrowers in the USA
  • Review of investments and controlling of earnings results
  • Ongoing overview of financial status and accompanying risk management

Why not seek advice exclusively from your banker?

Perhaps you are one of the many people who first turn to their long-standing bank advisor for financial advice. However, in recent years you have become increasingly dissatisfied with the financial advice you receive from your bank. You have noticed that your banker is taking less and less time to deal intensively with you and your private life planning. What you feel are the consequences of a bank policy that requires your advisors to make more than three investment calls a day and to meet certain sales targets. As a customer, you give your bank the money it uses to make profits through its financial products. For the bank, it is not you and your interests that are in the foreground, but the income that you make possible for the bank. Against this background, independent investment advice in a bank is not possible.


We have traditionally designed individual investment concepts for customers. Only proven investment forms were taken into consideration. Combined, our team has more than 50 years of experience in the American real estate market. We offer our investors access to investment opportunities with which they can achieve predictable, sustainable and transparent returns in the fastest growing metropolitan region of Dallas – Fort Worth.

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